Ikea Hemnes Hack – a custom shoe closet!

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Cat

    Love how the shelves look! I like the idea of putting one shoe facing in and the other out :) The Hemnes bookcases look nice and sturdy. I actually have a Billy one for books, but it got damaged in our move. I had to move some tall books around to cover the hole in the back, haha. This looks like a great solution to storing your shoes!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Cat! I purposely did that so I could show off the back/heels of my shoes. Sometimes the beauty of the shoe isn’t always on the front ;)

  • Lucy

    A great way to display shoes and I like the way you can adjust the shelves to have boots in the same unit. Mine are all hidden away in a wardrobe Lucy x

    • Jenny

      Thank you Lucy! I was very lucky that the shelf height worked out perfectly for all my shoes :)

  • Katie L Clark

    Wow! It’s such a beautiful display! Clearly you can now justify some more shoe purchases… because I’m at university right now I only have the bottom of my wardrobe to store shoes in. The storage space in here isn’t the best but yours is making me excited to leave and be in control of my space!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Katie! I remember those days when all I had was the itty bitty space at the bottom of a closet too – that’s definitely not enough for shoes! One of the best things about getting your own place is being able to utilize the space however you want :D

  • Alice B

    omg your shoes! i’d love a closet filled with sneakers and platform shoes *o* geez, how envious!

    i love how you display them. it’s looking very neat and fancy! :3 my room is small so it’s impossible to have a huge shelf like this, especially because it’s too occupied with two shelves drenched in comic books and novels, etc. my room is just too geeky LOL

    • Jenny

      Thank you Alice :) These shelves actually aren’t in my room – I don’t have enough space in there either for them :( But we do have a huge foyer/entry hall so it made sense the shoes would go right there for easy access. Plus they can double as decor!

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