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First off, for those of you who celebrate the Lunar New Year: Happy Year of the Snake! :D Ok, so I’ve been pretty bad with my blogging more consistently New Year’s resolution, but I’ve been stuck lately on what to write. Thankfully I saw an “I love perfume” tag at sleepandwater‘s blog, and as a fan of perfumes, I can’t believe I hadn’t written about this topic before!  

my current perfume collection

my current perfume collection –

  1. What was your first perfume you ever purchased?
    That would be Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl back in 5th grade. I remember that perfume was the it perfume back then, and of course the 11-year old me had to have it too.
  2. What’s your signature perfume?
    Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and Burberry Brit Sheer

    Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and Burberry Brit Sheer

    I wear Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and Burberry Brit Sheer equally as much, but if I had to pick one, it’d be Chanel Chance. I absolutely love the way it smells – very soft and feminine, and I like how it’s not one of those perfume everyone has, which makes it a bit more unique :)

  3. What’s your most recent perfume purchase?
    Victoria's Secret Bombshell, Forever 21 Love & Beauty

    Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, Forever 21 Love & Beauty

    The last perfume I actually bought was Forever 21 Love & Beauty. Apparently it’s a dupe for the Victoria’s Secret Pink, but I’ve never tried the latter so I can’t say for sure. Either way it smells and looks lovely, and it’s very affordable! Victoria’s Secret Bombshell is the most recent addition to my collection, and was a Christmas gift from my fiance’s aunt :)

  4. What perfume would you wear at nighttime/date night?
    Victoria's Secret Bombshell & Vera Wang Princess

    Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, Vera Wang Princess, Niki Taylor Begin

    You really can’t go wrong with Victoria’s Secret’s perfumes when it comes to date night, and Niki Taylor Begin is a surprisingly lovely scent, considering I have no idea where this perfume came from! Seriously. I found it when I moved last year. It just appeared, no joke.

  5. What’s your favorite spring/summer perfume?
    Burberry Brit Sheer, Yves Rocher Flower Power, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossoms

    Burberry Brit Sheer, Yves Rocher Flower Party, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

    Burberry Brit Sheer is a favorite in the springtime, and when it gets warmer I switch to DKNY Be Delicious Fresh BlossomYves Rocher Flower Party is there for those days that I want a little more oomph to my scents, without it being an overkill.

  6. What’s your favorite fall/winter perfume?
    To me fall/winter perfumes are interchangeable with nighttime/date night perfumes. Vera Wang Princess pretty much is my go-to perfume when it gets cold, with a bit of Niki Taylor Begin every now and then.
  7. What’s your favorite scent category (fruity, floral, fresh, oriental, woody)?
    Fruity and floral. I also tend to favor fresher scents over muskier ones.
  8. What perfume are you currently lusting after?
    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and Dior Miss Dior. And any of the Escada limited edition scents!
  9. What fragrance/cologne do you like on your significant other?
    To me all men scents, whether it’s cologne or deodorant, smell the same: sexy. But I do like what my fiance wears (but I also like the scent of his deodorant, so what do I know, lol): Burberry Touch and Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and I’d love to see you guys do this tag on your blog :D It’s always fun to read what perfumes other people like.


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