How I tripled my Pinterest followers in 1 month

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Agent Q

    These are good tips. And definite yest on following relevant boards. Those connect me to quality, pin-worthy contents. Congrats on tripling your Pinterest followers!

    • Jenny

      Thanks! Even though I’ve been lazy with repinning, it’s always nice seeing qualiy content from the people/boards I follow :)

  • Michelle

    Good tips! ^^

  • Uglyfish

    Strangely, I’ve never thought of Pinterest in the form of social media, even though it clearly is! I use it for prop and costume ideas, so I have many secret boards that I love, but my public profile is almost empty. I will try these tips, and I’ll look at Pinterest in a different way now! Your Pinterest is great though because all your cover pictures have the same colour scheme! It looks brilliant!

    • Jenny

      I agree, I think a lot of people use Pinterest just to collect ideas and inspirations for various things, but it can be a very powerful social media tool if used right :)

  • Kaila

    Thanks for those tips!!
    I’d definitely try it out. Never thought of using Pinterest. It’s pretty dead for me. I guess it’s cause i didnt spend any time on it at all. x=

    oh, and i love your simple blog layout =)

    • Jenny

      Hi Kaila! So glad to hear you like my blog layout! I agree, Pinterest can be quite the time drainer, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons in my opinion :)

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