Giving DHC a second chance

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Lucy

    Great selection of products. I generally don’t like oils but based on the reviews I bought one and you are right that this is very different. It doesn’t leave an oily after feel. The premium lipstick is a gorgeous colour Lucy x

    • Jenny

      Thanks Lucy :) Oil-based products are definitely one of those try-it-to-believe it type, but it’s perfect for the winter time as it keeps your skin moisturized!

  • Alice B

    hm, i have heard dhc’s cleansing oil as their best selling product. they always pimp their cleansing oil too, right? maybe i should try it. the first time i used cleansing oil, it was from shu uemura and i still use it now despite the expensive price. i think it was just an impulse that i got, wanting to try shu uemura’s. i have heard of people claiming that it’s good too, that shu’s cleansing oil is their “it” item. i’m not sure if cleansing oil is supposed to leave our face feeling sort of…”slippery” (moisturized? i’m not sure how to explain it) after used instead of like how face wash is, which leaves our face feeling totally oil free, for the lack of better word. i wouldn’t say shu uemura’s cleansing oil left my face feeling greasy…i don’t think greasy is the word but yeah, it’s sorta “slippery” in the aftermath LOL

    seeing how i end up buying it the second time, i can say shu’s oil is pretty good. it doesn’t dry out the skin too. i tried h2O+ cleansing milk too last time but i think i prefer the oil.

    i honestly have never used a make up primer before. honestly, i’m still confuse between make up base and primer. i usually use moisturizer + bb cream instantly. once, i bought etude house’s pore primer essence once but it didn’t work out as good as i had hoped. also, which one actually goes first – primer or bb cream? wow this is such a dumb question >__<

    i think my mother would love that dhc lipstick! the packaging sure is engaging~ and the color is definitely something my mother would go for. so far, she doesn't change her choice in lipstick; if i'm not mistaken, it's lancome? x__x yeah and i'm like, "come on, try revlon or MAC…they have way better shades" LOL i'm just a fan of MAC :P sorry not sorry about that.

    • Jenny

      I’ve heard of the Shu Uemura cleansing oil – that’s another raved about product and I think it might have been one of the first at the time it came out! The DHC oil doesn’t leave my face greasy/slippery, though I have gotten a bit of that feeling with my old Biore cleansing oil. My usual cleansers leave my face very clean, but in the winter very clean = very dry.

      The primer should be the first product applied before applying any other makeup, so primer >> bb cream (which I consider makeup and not a skincare product). I’m not sure what makeup base really is either – I see a lot of those products in Asian countries, so I can only assume it’s similar to primer?

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