Girl talk – my recent obsession with lingerie

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Cat

    I think it’s totally fine to have nice lingerie, even if people don’t see it :) I find that sexy lingerie is usually more comfortable actually, haha. I especially love lace ones. I agree that Victoria’s Secret is so expensive! I’ve heard of Adore Me, and I’ve been meaning to check it out. The prices look much better there :D

    • Jenny

      I wish I found sexy lingerie comfortable – usually the lace irritates my skin after a while :( Still love them though, I’ll tolerate some minor skin irritation for nice lingerie, haha

  • Michelle

    I’d probably want my husband to see it, but he doesn’t care for lingerie at all. He’s a simple man, but I still like feeling cute even if no one else sees it, and even if my husband doesn’t care for it. There is something about cute and lacy things that I love.

    • Jenny

      I’m right there with you Michelle! Often times it feels more rewarding to dress up for myself than for others :)

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