Fit & flare: Gap + Charlotte Russe + Wet Seal hauls and reviews

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Amanda

    Eep, the fitting on the first two are terrible. Nothing looks worse than wearing unnecessary baggy clothing! It’s a shame they don’t fit right, though, since I think the overall look of the dress + skirt is cute! I think GAP used to be more petite friendly than they are now. I find Banana Republic is better for petite clothing (they are under the same overall company, though). GAP probably sized up due to the fact that their customers have essentially sized up as well!

    I love those skirts from Charlotte Russe! I’ve actually been looking for skirts exactly like those and now I know where to find them! You’re right. Black should have been the first line in that skirt. It would show off the waist line so much better!

  • Lucy

    Really love the choices of dresses all look stunning but I especially like the stripped ones. Such great colours too Lucy x

  • Cat

    I think the flare on skater skirts are really cute :) That’s too bad about the ones you got from the Gap though! I think the first dress would look really nice if it were fitted properly, like how you show it on the right. I also love the second one from Charlotte Russe. It looks much better when the darker stripe starts first.

    The last dress is beautiful! It looks so good on you!

  • Alice B

    weep the first dress is lovely but ugh the fitting -__- seriously though, it’s so “pompadoured” it’d make anyone who wears it looks really, um.. wide and bloated. i wonder what’s happening because GAP is not cheap (at least in where i live it’s expensive) and i’d be super disappointed with that dress.

    same goes for the black-white skirt :( it’s kind of weird to see white first instead of black… i think usually black goes first instead?? hm, not sure but i commonly see it so. and don’t even start on the fitting wow -__- it’s so bloated. i love skater skirts and sailor pattern but with terrible fitting as such, i’d be pissed :(

    fortunately the second color blocked skirt fits. i like navy blue-white color coordination :) i always associate sailor pattern with blue-white instead of black-white. it looks adorable on you!

    pretty dress~ very curvy~ \(>w<)/ not my kind of dress though since i'm a sucker for flare skirts so i always go for dress with puffy skirts that can give me a "cute dolly" feel. (my mother often jokes that i dress like a circus person, always wanting to look dolly with "balloon" skirts and stuff — never tight ones like pencil skirt and such haha)

  • Sharon

    The problem with petite clothing is the fit. I am petite too but can not wear petite clothing from many brands because the tops are always too tight and if it is a dress the bodice is too tight. Generally, the pants are just a touch too short for me, as well. I am just under 5″4 so you would not think it would be difficult for me to fit into petite clothing. I just got accustomed to just buying regular/average clothing sizes.

    The only issue I have is that the pants are usually too long but I work around it by wearing heels. I agree with Amanda in regards to petite clothing, I have found that Banana Republic’s petite clothing actually does fit me. Since the Gap and Banana Republic are the same company I believe it has to do with the fact that Banana Republic is the more upscale brand. I like the blue and white striped dress and the last dress. The last dress, in particular, fits you really well. This was a great post which I enjoyed reading very much.


  • Lux Ganzon

    lovely dresses! especially the last one.

  • Aissa

    I have been looking for a skirt similar to the one you bought from Charlotte Russe. I love the first skirt, but I agree, if the first color was black, it would have been better. The navy is perfect too! I’ll have to check them out!

    Aissa // Layer It Up

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