Fall is the season of cozy sweaters

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Drea

    This is my entire aesthetic when I’m trying to be — to use your phrase — ‘posh’. I like things that are still comfortable without me feeling like a total slob. The sweaters appeal to me way more than the tailored jackets, and I wish I still had my longer sweater — the knee length kind — because I love those things.

    I don’t think I could ever pull off heels, even if I lost the weight I want to (which would also make me feel more confident in skinny jeans) because I’m over six feet tall and I’d stick out like a sore thumb… and that’s no good for social anxiety.

  • caroline

    Really loving that sweater, the cut is absolutely perfect. It reminds me of a tuxedo jacket.

  • Cat

    I love fall too! It’s still kind of hot here, but I’m looking forward to the cooler weather. I really like your cardigan and the leaf necklace. The necklace is such a pretty design.

    Cute booties too! I actually recently bought a pair of booties at DSW too. Hopefully I can wear them soon. It’s still flip flop weather to me XD;;

    Great outfit as usual! :D

  • Amber

    I love fall weather. Cardigans and boots are my thing to wear too. I was never a big boot wearer till last year, and now I look forward to the fall weather when I can bring them out. Your style is so similar to mine. I love how cardigans can bring a style together from something so simple to something so cozy and comfortable.

  • Tara-Chan

    I love your style! The cardigan you have on look so nice. Thanks for the tips about the white tee! That makes sense that they’d be perfect for layering and to display pretty necklaces. The one you have on is gorgeous classic!

    I love autumn! To me, autumn is hoodie season! That’s one thing I like to wear, but it’s not something I can wear in the summer, so I always look forward to autumn and winter so I can wear them again!

  • Liv

    LOVELYY! :) Especially those boots (since they are what I lack, I own a lot of pieces similar to the rest of your outfit!). Now my only question is, would those allow me to walk 5 miles daily? :( I need a pair of boots for this season since I had to toss three of my worn out ankle boots! I’m still winging it with flats and bare feet and I think I only have a few weeks to find those boots!

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