Designer accessories 101 – where to buy and what to splurge on

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Aisling

    Great post! I always have lofty plans of reducing my wardrobe from a million cheap dresses to a few quality designer pieces that fit great and I love to wear. As it stands, I usually splurge on bags. A good handbag can make an outfit look more expensive than it really is, I find!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Aisling! It took me a while but I finally pulled the trigger and just donated/resold all my “cheaper” clothes I bought when I was still in school. Having less but higher quality clothes has made it easier for me to get dressed in the mornings too because I’m not overwhelmed with all these options!
      I definitely agree with you on handbags – they’re the most expensive of the accessories, but the most splurge worthy too!

  • caroline

    This is great! I agree that if you are going to invest in designer pieces it should be accessories or wardrobe staples that will never go out of style!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Caroline! Exactly, some of the classic designs haven’t changed in decades, the only thing that’s changed is its price!

  • Uglyfish

    Thank you for this post! I’m always very reluctant to splash out on things because I’m very heavy handed, and not sure if they’ll stand the test of time – but accessories is the way to go! I’ve looked a few times for designer bags on eBay and I’ve always been dubious of fakes, so thank you for giving those useful links – they will definitely help me become more confident in picking out bags =p

    • Jenny

      You’re welcome :) Ebay has lots of great deals, but also a lot of fakes! It’s crazy how good the fakes have gotten, so it’s definitely worth paying a bit for authentication for peace of mind.

  • Pauline

    Hey Jenny!

    I have to say, this post is super useful for me as I’ve recently found out how much I adore high end accessories and products! Recently I’ve been buying high end makeup as I find they just are SO much better in every way possible; I’ve been looking at bags especially MK bags – here in the UK there’s an outlet that sells designer stuff for a little cheaper than usual. But I’m really not sure what to buy – there’s such a huge selection but definitely a staple style like you said it a MUST!

    Thank you <3

    • Jenny

      Hi Pauline! So glad you found this post helpful! I recently got into high end makeup as well, and I agree, the quality is so much better!

      One thing to be careful with outlets, especially MK and Coach, is that they often make bags especially for their outlet stores. The price is cheaper, but personally I’d prefer to buy a more classic style that’s sold in the actual boutiques than an outlet bag. Good luck and I hope you find something you love!

  • Sophie

    I’m definitely going to check out the real real. Some great tips here, I love searching on ebay for bargains!

    • Jenny

      Happy shopping Sophie, I hope you find some great bargains!! :D

  • Rezina

    This was an interesting post and I totally agree with you! I’ve been wanting to buy really nice shoes for a while now, but I haven’t decided to go through with it or not, haha. I’ve never heard of the realreal so I’ll definitely check them out!

    • Jenny

      Nice shoes are definitely worth the investment, especially if you can find one if pretty good condition :) Good luck!

  • Liv

    Mmm thanks for the tips! If one day I could afford designer pieces I’d love to own some because they are obviously designer for a reason. For fashion, specifically clothes, I actually am a quantity > quality person because I’m such a fan of mix and match that my friends will rarely see me in the exact same outfit. Also I’d get tired of my clothes pretty quickly! Doesn’t apply to accessories at all though. Accessories is quality > quantity big time because their purpose is to transform! Just like you said. :D

    I used to have this LV-looking Coach purse, and someone accused me of having a fake one because there’s no way I can afford an expensive purse like that. Well, I didn’t buy it myself and I never thought Coach counts as a designer brand.

    • Jenny

      No problem Liv! That’s terrible that someone accused you of carrying a fake -_- A lot of brands get design “inspirations” from other brands (MK is notorious for that), but that doesn’t mean it’s a fake. I guess Coach can be considered an entry designer brand?

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