Decor inspiration: bookshelves and bookcases

I know I don’t talk about books much, but I actually love to read and have a lot of books myself. In the past I’d just stack the books side-by-side on a bookcase, and try to fit as many books on a shelf as possible. Though an efficient use of space, it’s not very pretty. I recently purchased a smaller 3-shelf bookcase from Target for my living area, and I’ve been looking up inspirations on Pinterest on how to decorate it. 

I love the idea of adding frames and flowers.
Source: The Lonny Blog

Pretty boxes are a great to store knick-knacks and keep the shelf (and home) clutter free.
Source: Pottery Barn

Sorting your books by color is a great idea, and I love how they’ve used a jar of nail polish as decor!
Source: Everything Fab

A nice piece of artwork and some flowers on top of the shelf can really make a difference.
Source: Design Sponge

Leaving ample space between books and objects makes the shelf look less cluttered.
Source: Desire to Inspire

Are your bookcases purely functional or do you consider them as part of your home decor? Love to read your thoughts on this! :)


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