Cow Brand Mutenka Cleansing Oil review

I’ve reviewed the cult classic DHC cleansing oil before, and today I’m going to review another Japanese option – the Cow Brand Mutenka Cleansing Oil. What is it A no-frill cleansing oil without any fragrance, parabens, or mineral oil (mutenka means additives-free in Japanese). First Impression It’s pink and has a heart on it. And the brand’s name is called “Cow Brand.” Yes I’m a sucker for frivolous details. How I use it I use 2 pumps to gently massage my face every evening. Add a bit of water, wait for it to emulsify*, then rinse. Best suited for All …

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Lynda says:

    this is such a pretty packaging! too bad it didn’t work out.