Confessions of a Purse-aholic

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Fabiola A.

    You’ve got an amazing collection of bags, all of them are beautiful!! I loved the idea of the tag, it’s great to see the different styles and colors of bags someone owns.
    Have a nice weekend! x

    Fabi |

  • Cat

    I didn’t know there was a national handbag day! I love satchels too, though I haven’t used one in a while. I agree that they’re kind of inconvenient though, haha.

    Silk scarves are a great idea for bags. I’ve never tried that before! You have so many pretty bags. I especially love the Eva Clutch and the bright color of the LV Alma BB :)

  • Alice B

    FINALLY, someone who agrees that mini bags are inconvenient! i don’t have a bag fetish myself (i have a sneakers addiction) but the fact that i see lots of 14-year olds wear mini bags is just….something i can’t relate to. when i was 14, all i carried with me was messenger bag or cartoon backpack. ha, even now i’m still using them to go to campus haha i guess i’m never gonna grow out of them… i like using cute backpacks, like those with polkadots or pastel colors or cartoon characters, like those in japanese/harajuku style…those weird kinds LOL

    my parents have been telling me to try and use “woman’s bag” (they call those like what you own “woman’s bag” pfft) and i always say NO because i can’t fit all my things there and i have to carry them like a lady, you know… haha the only “woman’s bag” i love is that chanel’s classic flap… just because they have this bumpy, bubble-like material, like a sophisticated sofa xD other than that, nah.. (i just realized i’m still such a kid haha).. then again i rarely use my chanel because it’s so cramped >A<

    some bags, though, i like seeing them but i can't see myself using them. i love kate spade's collection…and hermes' satchel…and cambridge satchel haha but i find them too small for me (i know, wtf right) since i carry so many…uh, geeky stuff…like my portable game, my portable charger, ipad, phone etc etc xD

    my mother loves putting scarves on her bags too! (she just loves scarves in general, i guess…she wears scarves so often everywhere and i'm like, "don't be such a grandmaaaa!!" LOL). i do agree scarves make bags look pretty though :D especially if you tie the scarf into a big bow shape~ (///w///) *ribbon fetish*

    this is a really fun post! i feel interested in doing this, alongside the what's in my bag post…but eh, sometimes i feel like my stuff is too boring for show and tell HAHA

  • Lucy

    You have a beautiful collection of bags. I always refer to mine as a handbag. My personal favourites are Mulberry, Aspinal and Channel. The classic Y tote is beautiful Lucy x

  • Jacqueline Kelly

    Oh, I’m always having to give several bags away, because I don’t have space for too many bags (but I keep buying bags -I’m addicted to it!).
    Your bags are so lovely!

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