7 Instagram tips I learned from my cats

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Uglyfish

    What lovely pictures! Your chaise lounge is lovely, it looks so comfortable and plump! The 5th picture down is so lovely – but as you said, Shelly becomes the focal point rather than the bag =p I’ll remember these tips for future use.

    • Jenny

      Thank you! My cats actually use that chaise lounge more than I do, and then it gets covered in so much cat hair I’ve pretty much given up on using it, haha

  • Amber

    Such beautiful pictures, and who doesn’t want a cat in the photo. Shelly looked like she loved every moment of it. I only have a dog, but I so wish I had a cat. They seem to be the silliest of pets. Thanks for the tips. I will be sure to remember them when I try taking photos for Instagram also!!

    • Jenny

      Haha, cats really are the silliest of pets, and it’s extra funny because they usually act so dignified! You can try taking pictures with your dog too, I’m sure the results will be great!

  • Liv

    So adorable! What I learned from Instagram is that people LOVE animals and video games, and detailed shots of NYC. I wish my house was bright enough for beautiful photos like these but living in a forest I have to deal with the consequences. Taking photos of pets is definitely not easy – I once attempted an animals photoshoot for a class and all of them came out terrible because I couldn’t ask a stranger’s pet to wait around for me.

    That’s so cool your camera has built in Wifi! Now I kinda want a camera like that. My DSLR is so bulky, but maybe I just will get an iPhone 6+ since I am rather lazy about taking photos nowadays.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Liv! If there’s anything I learned about the internet is that people love cat pictures! I always try to take my photos in my bedroom mid-day because that’s the brightest area in the house. I would love to change up the setting, but all the other rooms are too dark :/
      I think most compact cameras (and maybe even DSLRs) come with wifi built-in now. But the camera on the iPhone 6 is great (my husband has one), so that’s definitely an option!

  • Cat

    Aww, Shelly is so cute in those shots! I definitely agree with experimenting with different layouts and taking a ton of shots. It’s great that we live in a digital age and don’t have to worry about limited film. Have to take advantage of that! I love using my DSLR, but I actually find it fun to use my phone sometimes because I think less about my photo settings and more on the composition :)

    • Jenny

      Thanks Cat! Goodness I can’t even imagine going back to the days of film – it takes days just to get your photos developed! I tend to use the auto setting on my camera, I just like how the image is much crisper than ones taken from my phone.

  • isaprofessional

    Some great shots along with some excellent tips on composition and more. Combine this with cats you have a great post

    ISA Professional

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