5 tips to winterize your hair

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Carol G

    Oh wow, Herbal Essence is still alive? I mean I used to use it when I was younger and it was available in France. But then just all of a sudden, the product is no longer available.

    It was such a pity, I used to love their shampoo a lot. Strangely, I don’t find them in Singapore either…

    • Jenny

      I used to love that pink Herbal Essence shampoo (the one everyone used back in the day), but they rebranded their products a while back and now they have an entire line of products for all different hair types! Most of their products are ok, but this particular cleansing shampoo really stands out. Maybe this rebranding was only done in the US though?

  • Alice B

    yes to hair care products~ /o/

    “unless i want to look like snape” omg nice humor haha

    i’m actually surprise anyone still use herbal essences. their products used to be so popular here and their commercials often appeared on tv but nowadays, people don’t really use herbal essences anymore. at least none that i know of. i tried herbal essences once and my scalp went itchy afterwards :( sucks because it had good fragrance.

    i have heard of john frieda’s products being good, especially the full repair range. too bad i can’t find any john frieda here. i like trying out different brands for the hair LOL
    though i don’t live in a 4-seasons country, i think people who style their hair like everyday can also apply these tips to prevent excessive damage. except for no.3, i think …unless the person is really asking for extra shine. i personally don’t need that since i haven’t dyed my hair again and i’ve been told my hair is bold enough..probably because i used mane and tail before :P (that horse shampoo’s really drying though D: sucks)

    hair oils are awesome! i always use them before blow drying. i think it’s important especially if the hair oil can act as a heat protector (or primer or whatever the correct term). i’ve never tried loreal’s before, perhaps i should give it a try. i’m currently using kerastase and though it’s good, it’s kind of too costly imo so yeah :\ .. another drugstore hair oil that i really love (and probably recommend) would be from lucido-L (///w///) it’s really nice~ with nice scent as well~

    i wonder why i’ve never seen pantene’s bb creme here, hm..

    i just realized that you use quite a lot of hair products during winter. i’ve never really experienced winter so that’s probably why i don’t dare to use more than 2 styling products before blow drying (a heat protecting creme and hair oil) once i overdid it and end up with flat hair x___x bad hair day is really stressing.

    • Jenny

      L’oreal owns Kerastase so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of their products share the exact same ingredients. I recall reading somewhere that one of L’oreal’s hair oil (not sure if it’s this one) was a good dupe for Kerastase’s!

      We don’t have lucido-L here in the US, or any Japanese brands really :( Such a shame because I really like Japanese brands and I agree, the scent is amazing!

  • Uglyfish

    I didn’t realise hair glazes were a thing! I’m off to Boots tomorrow so I’ll look out for some. My hair is moderately shiny, but gets really brassy very quickly which is a shame. Toners often don’t work for me, so a glaze sounds like a great idea. I usually just pull my hair back in the winter, and I often wear a hat so I’ve not noticed anything wrong with my hair (that isn’t normally a problem anyway…) but I will follow this tips and hope for an overall improvement!

    • Jenny

      Another tip for preventing brassiness is to use purple shampoo :) The purple color is supposed to neutralize the orange, and I think Clairol and a couple other large brands make purple shampoos.
      Hats are a must for me in the winter time because my head and ears get really cold, but boy when I take off the hat my hair becomes really static and frizzy! >_<

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