When your skin is being a little sh*t – 5 tips for troubled skin

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Alice B

    oh my, i’m amazed that you have 5-10 steps for a skincare routine! honestly! how do you have all the patience for those?! LOL. mine is so much shorter; cleanse, tone, moisturize sometimes. that’s the most basic. night treatment too, sometimes to replace the moisturizer at night. face mask / exfoliator once or twice a week and that’s it? wait. maybe those exfoliation counts too ….so i have like around 5 steps too, huh? :))

    it’s kinda hard to avoid fragrance-free or/and alcohol-free products. my clean & clear cleanser contains fragrance ..which sucks…because they minimize the production of oil on my T-zone. i don’t really have specific anti acne products except for aloe vera gel for my blemishes / zits. i just cleanser my face with a deep action pore cleanser kind of face wash :P

    lack of sleep and tremendous stress definitely cause my skin to breakout. makeup too, sometimes but very rarely, i suppose.

    i’m so. done. with seeking dermatologist. ugh. i hate them, lol. i’m scared of them. once i went to a dermatologist and she was so keen on force-pop my zit using an injection. it was hella painful!!! and that leaves a mark on my nose now. wtf really.

    • Jenny

      Haha, I find my routine really therapeutic, and actually enjoy the process :P I tried the minimal route for a while but I felt really uneasy, like I was missing something, haha

      There’s been an increase lately in more alcohol-free and fragrance-free products, but unfortunately very free western drugstore brands that do this, the only one I can think of is CeraVe. On the other hand Korean brands have a lot of alcohol & fragrance free products, so you may want to look into those :)

      That dermatologist sounds err, not pleasant. No wonder you’re not keen on seeing them again!

  • Kelli K.

    I love the title of this post. Sometimes our skin really can be a little sh*t, haha! I started getting into K-beauty a couple of months ago since I was wanting to focus more on skincare. I love blogs like yours that review the products. It helps me decide what to purchase, which is not easy when there are so many things to choose from. I am really liking the COSRX and Klairs brands, so I am glad you do too so I can see what else I should buy. :)

    • Jenny

      Thank you for your kind comment Kelli, I’m so glad you’re finding these reviews helpful! I agree that with Korean beauty products in particular, the options available are overwhelming and it can be very difficult to know which products to buy! It helps when you can find a brand you like and that works well with your skin and just stick to it – makes shopping for products much easier :P

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