5 reasons why you need a cat (or 2) in your life

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Jina

    Omg! You have the most adorable cats!!

  • Uglyfish

    I’m really allergic to cats, but they’re so cute! The theatre I’m working in at the moment has two cats and they’re so lovely, I just can’t spend more than five minutes with them. Your cats look so lovely.

    • Jenny

      Aww, sorry to hear that you have cat allergies! Several of my friends are allergic to cats as well, so I always have some allergy medicine ready for them when they visit!

  • Love cats myself! Just wish i weren’t as allergic to them as I am–well with most breeds. I know there are a few here and there that shed a bit less.

    I think having any pet in general can be quite nice as you tend to feel less lonely. I used to have birds and while they didn’t cuddle up they were so fun to watch and enjoy .

    Lovely post!!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Jessica! I had budgies when I was younger and they were very interesting to watch! I tried to teach them to talk too, but that didn’t quite work out :( I agree, I think pets in general improve your mental and physical health, I just wish people would be more responsible with them and not give them up so easily.
      Sorry to hear you’re allergic to cats! You’re right that there are a couple breeds that are hypoallergenic, but the selection is not nearly as wide as dogs :(

  • Liv

    Awwwwww, look at how happy Cooper looks in that last photo. That along with his kitten story you told (almost made me cry). <3 That is incredible how you've changed his entire life. You definitely have two of the most beautiful cats. I can't get enough of their pics on Insta, ha!

    When I was a kid I had a hamster because back then I moved to a new city and didn't have friends. He was a good pet for me because he was low maintenance and independent! I remember whenever I went to Petsmart to buy supplies for him, I always walked over to the cat cages, and the poor things would immediately get up and start staring at me! It was heartbreaking.

    I would love to adopt a cat someday if possible (I haven't had a pet since my hamster. I think maybe some cats are aloof and it ends up giving them the reputation (while most dogs are outgoing)? People seem to forget that cats are the kings of the internet! I also very much believe that people never expect themselves to be cat people until they get one. My friend who probably was not a cat person now calls himself a crazy cat guy. When he’s not home with the babies he misses them.


    • Jenny

      Thank you Liv! So glad you were touched by Cooper’s story – I was going for a tear jerker and I guess it almost worked ;)
      I also had a hamster when I was young, and it’s a good starter pet. It did bite though, so that was a little scary D:
      Cats are definitely more independent than dogs (for the most part), and I guess that somehow translated to aloof? But people really need to read the book (or get a cat!) before they start making assumptions -_- I always find it hilarious when guys start obsessing over cats – maybe crazy cat guy will be the new term!

  • Cat

    Your cats are so adorable! That’s sad that Cooper was abandoned at such a young age. I’m glad you were able to adopt him and make his life better :D

    I actually wanted a dog because I wanted more motivation to exercise more, haha. I also used to run a lot and thought a dog would make a great running buddy. It’s still something my husband and I are considering, except we both work, and it’d be sad for a dog to be home alone for so many hours. I like both cats and dogs, but unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats, so it wouldn’t really work out.

    When I ask why some people don’t like cats, they usually say they haven’t met a cat they liked. I don’t think they realize that animals are like people. Each one has a different personality! Breeds play a big part too!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Cat! Yeah, Cooper sometimes has this sad look about him, I always suspect it’s the result of his awful childhood :(
      I thought about getting a dog to help me exercise more too, but I’m worried my laziness will end up affecting the dog instead! That sucks that you’re allergic to cats, it seems to be a common allergen for people.
      Yeah, some cats can be really mean, and that’s probably due to poor socialization and experience with humans. Breeds matter too!

  • Tara

    Awww! Your cats are so cute! I want a cat of my own, but I am VERY, VERY allergic to cats. Just being near people who have cat’s hair on their clothing/bag/etcetera starts getting me itchy :( This makes me sad because I wasn’t allergic to cats before, but after I hit puberty, my immune system apparently decided to hate on cat >:( Which is funny because the opposite happened to my best friend!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Tara! Sorry to hear you’re allergic though :( I had a friend who also developed cat allergies (except hers kinda happened randomly), and now she has to take allergy medicine whenever she visits me. So you’re saying your friend actually stopped being allergic to cats after puberty? I didn’t know that was possible!

  • Michelle

    Unfortunately, I decided on a dog, because I needed it for medical health reasons. But cats are cool too ^^ If I could, I’d have a cat and name it Othello. I had a cat once named Gato, yeah…I’m bad at naming animals and things. Still, good list!

    • Jenny

      Adoption, whether it’s a cat or a dog (or something else!), is always a good thing :) I’m just vouching for cats because people seem to have this negative stigma about them (and because I love cats, but I digress). Othello is a nice name for a cat!

  • Bhairavee

    I love both cats and dogs, but because of the excessive care that comes with pets and that my mom thinks it will be her responsibility to take care of the pets when my sister and I will be in college, we never got one.

    My aunt is a cat lover and she had this one cat called Chotu (small in hindi), who was actually very beautiful with a snow white fur coat and all, but that cat never trusted any one excepted the small immediate family of my aunt and never let any or us even touch him!
    After he died, my aunt immediately adopted a small stray kitten, whom we call Shiny (and he resembles your Cooper a lot!), and he is one of the best cats (exceptions being the cats in my college!), he totally loves being petted, is very friendly and when he sees new people he will immediately show off before them!

    I agree everyone should have pets but I guess, we should adopt after we have properly settled down…. which I haven’t, yet!

    • Jenny

      Thank you for your comment Bhairavee! I couldn’t get a dog or cat when I was living with my parents for the same reason, so of course one of the first thing I did when I moved out was to get a cat! xD

      Chotu sounds a lot like Cooper actually! Whenever he hears the doorbell he hides under the bed and refuses to come out. So to this day, only 1 or 2 of our friends have actually seen him in person! Shiny sounds just like Shelly, she loves people and all the attention they give her!

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