3 good oils for your face

You probably think the words oil, good, and face shouldn’t belong in the same sentence. But with the right type of oil, not only can it be good for your face, it can make your skin absolutely glow.

3 good oils for your face

Facial Oils

This isn’t just for people with dry skin, even those with combination or oily skin can benefit from facial oils. As a matter of fact, when your skin is stripped of oil, it will produce its own oil (sebum), which in excess causes acne and blackheads.

However, oils like argan, coconut, and jojoba help hydrate and retain the moisture on your skin while providing additional benefits. I’ve been using the Josie Maran Argan Oil myself, and my skin feels softer when I wake up the next morning. Despite my combination skin, the facial oil didn’t make my t-zone oilier, it simply gave my skin a nice glow.

One catch: facial oils are expensive. Though a little bit goes a long way with these oils, you also pay a lot for a little. L’oreal recently released a facial oil as well, and though it’s expensive for drugstore prices, it’s still cheaper than the high end brands, and it’s highly raved.

Cleansing Oils

I’ll admit, the idea of using oil to cleanse my skin was not appealing at first. It just didn’t make sense! But there’s a reason why a lot of makeup removers are oil-based: oil removes oil. Once I got over my bias and started using cleansing oils, it changed the way I washed my face forever.

Unlike most cleansers which strip  skin of its oil and leaves it feeling dry and tight, my skin felt soft after using the oil. The oil cleaned my skin just as well, and bonus points for the makeup removal guarantee!

Cleansing oils have been big in Asia for a while and the trend recently made its way to the US. I currently use Pond’s cleansing oil, but I’ve also tried DHC’s which is fantastic though expensive. For a cheaper and more convenient alternative, check out Garnier’s Cleaning Oil in your local drugstore.

Oil Supplements

There is some truth to the statement: beauty comes from within. Though most vitamin/supplements actually don’t do much for your body, fish oil/omega 3 is one of the few with proven benefits. One of those benefits: better skin and hair. WebMD has a great article on this if you’re interested in the details.

Have you tried any of the 3 oils before? If yes, I’d love to hear your experience and what products you recommend!

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