15 free printables to get you organized for 2016

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • I’m a planner addict and may have more than one planner (oops?!) I love printables – they are so spot-on in terms of trend and I love how customized they tend to be!! I may be getting a little bit too print heavy with that last printable though!

    Stephanie | theFantasia.com

    • Jenny Wu

      So glad you like them Stephanie! I’m guilty of having multiple planners too – they’re just so addicting! I agree, the customization options are endless, and having a cute weekly/monthly spread just makes me so happy :D

  • Cat

    This is a great list! I love the simplicity of the ones from Clementine Creative, and the ones from Design is Yay and This Little Street are so cute. These all seem useful :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Jenny Wu

      So glad you like the list Cat! I tried to incorporate calendars with different styles to fit different people’s taste :)

  • Amy

    These are amazing – what a great list! I love planners, even though I always forget to use them. Thank you for sharing these! I may end up using a few.

  • Amy

    These are amazing – what a great list! I love planners, even though I always forget to use them. Thank you for sharing these! I may end up using a few..

    • Jenny Wu

      You’re welcome Amy, glad you like the roundup!

  • Ongaku

    Wow, this is a nice list. I should start using planners again but I’m terrible with it. I tend to just make lots of notes in my phone. orz This reminds me though, I need to buy a new calendar.

    • Jenny Wu

      Glad you liked it Ongaku! I tried using my phone for my to-do list, and it just never works out for me, haha. To each their own I guess :)

  • Medli

    I always love this list. It really makes me want to start use a planner, but I am so bad about using my phone to make lists, and the calendar on my phone is just as good as any paper planner.

    • Jenny Wu

      Thanks Amber! I use a combination of my phone and a paper planner, as I really do like decorating my weekly/monthly spreads and checking things off with a pen!

  • Akane

    There are so adorable!
    Thank you for sharing these printable

    Love your blog a lot


  • patsy

    Thank you for this compilation!!! Love it! Although my planner can’t accommodate extra pages, I think I’ll print some for my corkboard!!! We can always find a way to use cute printables!!! Thank you!

  • Vim

    They are super cute!! Thank you so much for sharing them xx

  • Victoria

    I don’t see any list….am I missing something??

    • Jenny Wu

      Oh my goodness I’m so sorry about this! I was making some database changes to my blog and it affected my older posts without me even realizing it. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, and I’m happy to report the list is back now! Enjoy! :)

  • Joanne

    Hi, I cant find your printables for 2016. The link opens up fine, but thrte seems to be no download available. No pictures of it, nothing. Thank you.

    • Jenny Wu

      Hi Joanne, I do apologize for the error. The post has been fixed and the download links are back :)

      • Joanne

        Thank you :)

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