10 skincare tips I learned in 2016

Happy New Year lovelies! 2016 has been a huge learning year for me, especially in terms of skincare, so without further ado, here the top 10 skincare tips I learned this past year:  Hydration is super important. Dullness, fine lines, even lack of firmness – you can improve all these skin issues by making sure your skin is well hydrated. This goes for all skin types – even oily skin folks! Drink plenty of water. It’s important to hydrate our skin from within, so make sure you drink enough water – about 2000 cc or 8 glasses a day. I …

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Sam says:

    For #7 do you skip your entire skin regimen and go straight to an oil?

  2. Yes to tip no. 7 but the only difference is I dry my face then spray a light mist of Vichy thermal spring water and finally start layering all my skincare. It helps a huge ton!

  3. Molly says:

    I always dry my face directly after, so that is very good to know!!


  4. Laura says:

    Can I just say I adore your photography! The whole blog looks very well put together and chic,. The font is on the smaller side but still easy to read, which is very impressive. I love skincare posts and this one is very useful one! I’m wanting to try mandelic acid as I trust in chemical exfoliants but AHAs rarely find a way into my routine. Personally I don’t feel the need to use calming products or apply products only where I need them.. As I’m very dry I tend to slather liberally my face with oils, essences and serums. Of course, YMMV! I need to try your method in the Summer time when my forehead tends to produce more oil. :)

    Laura xx Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    • Jenny says:

      Aww, thank you so much for your sweet comment Laura, I really appreciate it :)
      Mandelic acid is a great first AHA to try because it’s much gentler, especially if you have dry skin.

      I wish I had a consistent skin type all over, it’d definitely make my routine a lot easier, haha.

  5. Totally agree with all of these points! I also have started applying product only where I need them, and it’s helped my skin so much. I also love multimasking :)


  6. I didn’t know about #7 but I’ll be sure to start giving it a try now! I agree with you that water is nature’s gift to us – I find that my skin gets infinitely better just by drinking more water!

    • Jenny says:

      #7 was a recent discovery for me and I was shocked at what a huge difference it made in subsequent product absorption! Definitely takes a while getting used to though!

  7. Elisa says:

    cool short tips! :’D

    i’ve been wanting to do lotion mask but i tend to forget doing it *cries* i fail LOL
    i used to be so afraid of hydration and always stray from moisturizer but ever since i know something called skin dehydration, i try to incorporate moisturizer in my routine – one that is suitable for combo/oily skin, of course. i haven’t found a holy grail one though. the innisfree green tea balancing lotion and cream are decent but i wouldn’t call them holy grail status yet. i’m still on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer, i suppose.
    even so, i still find it difficult to distinguish between dehydrated skin and super oily skin producing excessive sebum though, hm… which is why i’m still a liiiitle bit scared of applying moisturizer on my T-zone.

    • Jenny says:

      Glad you found like them! Hmm, have you tried oil-free gel moisturizers from other brands? I really liked Clinique’s Moisture Surge – hydrating but very light. You definitely want something that can hydrate your skin and keep the moisture from evaporating, otherwise our skin will produce more oil in attempt to combat the dryness >_< Also, if your skin barrier is damaged, it won't be able to hold on to moisture as well, which can also lead to increased oil production - this is usually the case with dehydrated skin. High ph cleansers and over-exfoliating are the most common clauses.

  8. Tara says:

    These are some great tips I’d never really heard of, so thanks for sharing them :) I’m curious about facial oils, but I am not ready to take that step yet. I do see the logic on less is more, so I may cut back on some of my routine :) What would you recommend not taking out? Sunscreen I know is a must, but I’m curious to know what can be eliminated from your perspective.

    • Jenny says:

      No problem Tara, and that’s a great question! For me I used to use several serums/essences in my routine, so I’m decreasing the number of serums down to 1. I also plan on eliminating toners (once I finish it) and using a first essence instead. The only absolute essentials really are cleansers, moisturizers, and spf – though I’d consider serums pretty important too ? Hope this helps!