Dear NYMMG (Model Management Group),

First off, you are a bunch of big liars and scammers. However, I can only blame myself as I was too blinded by my own dream of stardom to realize the kind of rip-off you guys were trying to sell to hopeful models and actors like myself.

  • $3000 for a photoshoot with some photographer you forced me to work with[1. The only part of this whole scam that was remotely close to being worthwhile. Those were some nice photos, but definitely not worth 3 grands.]
  • $1000[2. Ok, so the cost for each of these might be a bit exaggerated, but not by much. I can’t remember the exact amount.] to print out a bunch of comp cards
  • $900/year to be on your “web database”

If all this upfront money isn’t bs, I don’t know what is. And the ironic thing is, of the 2 years I have worked with you, I’ve made a total of $500. Yes, $500 after spending all that money, not to mention missing classes so I can commute 5¬† hours on some smelly¬† bus to New York, only to go through the same commute 3 hours later. Don’t even get me started on those times where you’d cancel castings on me after I arrived in New York.

I don’t care if you’re based in NYC, the great fashion capital of the US or if you have a page filled with your “successful models and actors” (which just looks desperate in my opinion), I have made more money and gotten more work in the DC area within the past half year than I have with YOU. Do you know how SAD and PATHETIC that is? As a matter of fact, one of my greatest achievements so far, modeling for Korto Momolu, happened through my agent in DC, not through your pompous agency.

So you know what? You can take your castings and auditions and shove them down your pants and light it on fire, because that’s exactly what you guys are, a bunch of liars. Good riddance!

No love,


August 26, 2009• Stardom16 Comments

Remember when I told you that I was going to be modeling for Korto Momolu? Unlike the fashion show back in 2006, it’s not some scam (my parents kept thinking it was), but completely real. I’m still a little dazed that someone of my height (5’4) would be able to walk down the runway for such an amazing designer.

The show took place last Saturday at one of the many “inauguration balls” held in President Obama’s honor, and prior to that there were 2 fittings. The first fitting was an absolute mess because I never made it there, due to a car accident where our car got completely totaled. When I finally got back from the hospital, I get an email saying that the fitting was canceled. Um, wtf?

The second fitting was at the hotel the next day, and I had a nervous breakdown when I saw the 5’10 models who all seemed to know each other. I think it was from the trauma the day before + crazy hormones during the time of the month. I was somewhat relieved when a shorter model showed up.

Korto herself was such a nice lady. She made an effort to remember everyone’s name, and she was very lenient about how we wanted to walk down the runway. She kept telling us to just have fun out there, which was such a relief for me since this was my first major show. As a matter of fact, the makeup artist, hair stylists, and stylists were all very sweet. The only one who was bitching was some lady from the magazine sponsoring the event. She wouldn’t stop complaining about my hair or my makeup, and even sat on my clothes while I was getting changed. I was not amused D<

As nerve wracking as the preparation and waiting had been, I felt so at ease when I walked down the runway. And oh my goodness, the feeling was absolutely incredible: all these people ooing and ahhing over your clothes, the lights shining, the cameras flashing, I hate to sound shallow, but I was soaking up every second of it. :P I wore a black strapless jumper with a belt for my first outfit and a gorgeous champagne gold military jacket dress for my second outfit. Guess which one is me!

Lovin' our President Obama fans 8D

Though it wasn’t a paid gig, I loved feeling like a mini celebrity (people wanting to take pictures of you and with you) for a night. :)

January 21, 2009• Stardom18 Comments

So I went shoe shopping with friends last Thursday at DSW, and we ended up staying until the store closed. Before you think we’re crazy, we have a totally legitimate reason: we got there at 7pm. I ended up spending more than I expected, but I’m completely regretless about my purchases. Read More

January 12, 2009• Fashion, Stardom16 Comments