I’m gonna get straight to the point: In the past 2 weeks I’ve had 2 packages stolen from me. One had its box ripped open, its content stolen, and thrown back on my driveway. The other was simply stolen from my front door. My front door doesn’t even face the streets, so I only have one question:

Seriously, what sort of ghetto neighborhood is this?

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April 10, 2012• Rants24 Comments

My third quarter has finally ended, and you’d think that because I’m on a 2-week spring break that everything would be fine and dandy, but nooooo. Thanks to Comcast, my boyfriend and I have been without Internet for… 10 days. 10 friggin days without Internet. I don’t even know how we lasted this long. The worst part was not having Internet when I had 2 take-home exams and 2 final projects due, which meant driving to Starbucks or school just to send my exam/projects to the professors. At least I had my smartphone so I could check my email -_-

And why is this all happening? Because some moron from Comcast installed the outdoor cable lines incorrectly, thus exposing them to the elements, resulting in them going kaput and us without Internet. They told us this would be fixed within 48 business hours after I called, and when my boyfriend called again after 24 business hours, they said someone would be here to fix it no later than 5pm Tuesday. Of course, that didn’t happen, and when we called again, they now tell us we had to wait 7 – 10 business days. WTF. WTF. WTF.


What irks me the most about this whole situation is that Comcast was the one that fugged up in the first place, then they lied to us not once, but twice, and now they’re going to make us go another week without Internet? When I told them all this, the only thing they told me was that there was nothing they could do, but as part of their customer satisfaction guarantee, they’d credit us the money for the days we didn’t have Internet.Damn right you should to do that, and how about you hire people who actually knows how to install cable lines properly?? Or people that won’t lie to the customers?? Ridiculous.

On the bright side, I suddenly find myself with more time than I know what to do with, which basically means lots of cleaning, playing with Shelly and Cooper, or shopping at the mall. I would hang out with my friends, but they’re either working or not on spring break. Or I’d blog, but that would require me driving to Starbucks and buying an overpriced coffee just to use their absurdly slow Internet[1. Which is what I’m doing. Right now.].

UPDATES: After calling 15+ times and tweeting about it to @comcastcares excessively, they finally hurried their slow butts up and someone called last Friday to tell me it was fixed and that I’d have internet back. WRONG! When I got back home to test my connection, it was still down. After 3 more calls to Comcast, one of which suggested I fix my computer instead, they finally told me that it still wasn’t fixed and that a tech would have to come over on Monday. WTF. So goes another weekend without internet, and when the tech came over today, he told me that the reason I didn’t have service was because the outdoor lines weren’t connected to the indoor lines. WTF. WHAT THE HECK WERE THE TECHS DOING ON FRIDAY THEN?? Smh.

March 15, 2012• Rants7 Comments

Being snowed in at my apartment at school was fun for the first few days, but this is getting kind of ridiculous, and I’m starting to get bored. Not in the sense that I miss classes (God forbid, I rejoice in the fact that I get a break from 21 credits), but I miss seeing other people asides from my roomies. So being bored as I am, I happened across this article: Top 10 Reasons Why Mac Sucks. Being a Mac-lover, I was intrigued and read it in hopes of being enlightened.

UM, NO. the only thing I was enlightened with after reading the article was how such an ignorant person could end up as a writer for CollegeTimes. I seriously thought this article was a joke or spoof of some sort, until I read the author’s comments. Forget the fact that I’m as Pro-Mac as they go, the article just makes PC users look bad, as if they had to sink to such low arguments to attack Mac-fans. Seriously? Talking smack about Mac users by calling us “wannabes” was the #1 reason why Mac sucks? This article is the epitome of how you should NOT build your argument.

Learn to argue right, or get your butt whooped by people who can.

I then happened across another article, this time with 65 reasons why Mac sucks (damn, I have a hard time coming up with even 3 reasons). Instead of gnashing my teeth like I did the previous one, I actually found myself nodding occasionally as I read it. Instead of being written by what may as well be a whiny 5-year old who probably used nothing newer than the iMac, it was actually written with legit unbiased facts, backed by actual usage on an UPDATED machine. No bashing, no whining. Now THIS is how you should build your arguments.

February 10, 2010• Rants19 Comments