Many of you may be familiar with the Liebster Award which has been circulating around the blogsphere, and I’m so excited to say that Geeky Posh was nominated for not just one, but 2 awards! A big thank you to the lovely Fabi at Halfway to New York and Jina at BeautyBlogmark for nominating my blog! Definitely give their blogs a visit – both have great content and photos :) Read More

Ever since we moved we’ve been wondering what to do with the small 4th bedroom upstairs. I’ve been debating between turning it into my new walk-in closet, beauty room, or office, but none of them seemed very compelling to me. Then I really got into planners and crafts lately, and I realized that I really wanted my own office/craft room!

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As much as I love my phone and can’t live with it, I’ve never been able to use it as my daily planner/agenda. I’ve tried all the apps – Wunderlist,, Reminder, etc – and I still prefer the old fashioned pen-and-paper way. With my new web design/development partnership growing AND my determination to turn this blog into something even bigger, I need a planner that can help me stay on top of it all!  Read More

I’m in one of my MUST-DECORATE-MY-HOUSE mode again, and the easiest way is to add some artwork. Seriously, not rocket science. What is difficult though is finding pieces that: 1) you actually like 2) that fit with your room’s color scheme + style and 3) that aren’t ridiculously expensive. One particular artist (collective) I’ve fallen in love with is Oliver GalRead More