For the longest time I’ve been storing my shoes on a dingy shoe shelf in the coat closet. The small space amplified the clutter and made it hard to find the shoes I was looking for. When the closet was full I had to move some of my shoes to the garage, and after seeing how dirty those soon became, I decided it was time for to store my shoes properly, once and for all.  Read More

Hi lovelies, hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far! We finally got our wedding photos from our photographer this week, and we were so happy with his work! There were around 3000+ photos, and they all looked really amazing. Since there was so much going on during the wedding, it was fun to go through the photos and see the moments that I missed or relive the ones that I enjoyed :) Ok, less talk, more pictures! Read More

I loved collecting cute stationary as a child – pens, notebooks, stickers, you name it, I collected it. This love was rekindled when I decided to go back to using an old-school planner, but goodness, cute stationary is expensive! I mean, $2+ for a roll of tape? $3+ for a sheet of stickers? At this rate I’m going to be spending at least $100 just to stock up on some basics. Read More

Hello lovely readers! I’ve been swamped with last minute wedding planning + my bachelorette party, but I’m back now and officially married! I don’t think I’ve slept earlier earlier than 2 am for the past 2 weeks, so that just goes to show how much stuff we had left to do. I had planned on sleeping early and doing some at-home facials the week before the wedding, so yeah, that definitely didn’t happen.  Read More

Many of you may be familiar with the Liebster Award which has been circulating around the blogsphere, and I’m so excited to say that Geeky Posh was nominated for not just one, but 2 awards! A big thank you to the lovely Fabi at Halfway to New York and Jina at BeautyBlogmark for nominating my blog! Definitely give their blogs a visit – both have great content and photos :) Read More