Grad school – first term in review


So my first term of grad school finally ended last week and my goodness it was hectic. It was almost like taking summer or winter classes because of the short duration (8 weeks, including a week for final exams), except you’d only have each class twice a week, which only makes it more hectic :/ I think I spent the weekend after exams just sleeping because that’s how sleep deprived I was -_-

So what is grad school really like? I thought it was going to be easy, because that’s what people told me, and while it’s not impossible, it’s certainly not college anymore:

  • Professors treat you like adults, not babies. Meaning if you mess up, you deal with the consequences, no exception.
  • On the plus side of them treating you like adults, it gives you more leverage in negotiating things such as exam time and due dates.
  • Most classes are seminar style – meaning the professor doesn’t really give lectures. It’s all case discussions.
  • Which means that participation matters. A lot.
  • Hence no skipping classes :/

So what is grad school not like?

While further one’s education is always admirable, I would much rather be paid to do work then pay to do work.

So excuse me as a I continue to spend money on having no life[1. And acquire serious road rage due to my daily commute]. One term down, 3 more to go! :(

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