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July 9, 2012• 13 Comments

I know I don’t talk about books much, but I actually love to read and have a lot of books myself. In the past I’d just stack the books side-by-side on a bookcase, and try to fit as many books on a shelf as possible. Though an efficient use of space, it’s not very pretty. I recently purchased a smaller 3-shelf bookcase from Target for my living area, and I’ve been looking up inspirations on Pinterest on how to decorate it. 

I love the idea of adding frames and flowers.
Source: The Lonny Blog

Pretty boxes are a great to store knick-knacks and keep the shelf (and home) clutter free.
Source: Pottery Barn

Sorting your books by color is a great idea, and I love how they’ve used a jar of nail polish as decor!
Source: Everything Fab

A nice piece of artwork and some flowers on top of the shelf can really make a difference.
Source: Design Sponge

Leaving ample space between books and objects makes the shelf look less cluttered.
Source: Desire to Inspire

Are your bookcases purely functional or do you consider them as part of your home decor? Love to read your thoughts on this! :)

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  1. Sue says:

    These shelves look great! They only work out if you don’t have that many books though. Otherwise you’d need lots of shelves. I don’t decorate my bookshelves, but one of my shelves has a sliding cork board built into it. I pin up stuff onto it like pictures and origami stuff. That’s about as decorative as my shelves get. Other than that, they’re really cluttered.

  2. Liv says:

    I think I like the last two best! The artwork behind flowers works really well; I’ve never thought about it that way before! And the last one makes use of space without filling it, which is great!

    I like cosy and cluttered more, so on Pinterest I always bookmark clever use of space. Those bookshelves are often hidden in some cutout in the wall. :P Right now the very little books I do own are messily stuffed into the bookshelf on my daybed. Yup, there’s a little shelf connected to it.

  3. Jessica says:

    I definitely cannot decide which of the bookshelves that I like the best. It makes me wish that I had the room to put up a bookshelf. :P I suppose that I would if I ever actually got my room cleaned and organized. :D

  4. Cat says:

    I love seeing how people decorate their bookshelves! I think it shows a person’s personality, and it’s interesting to see what they’ve chosen to use as decoration :) I like the ones you posted; my favorite is probably the 2nd one because it looks so simple and elegant.

    I’d like to decorate mine, but I need to buy more bookcases first. Right now they’re functional since I’m cramming as many books in there as I can XD;;

  5. Rinny says:

    Great inspiration pics! I never really thought of using bookcases as decor before….but then again I have a lot of books so my shelves usually tend to look cramped and don’t leave enough room for decor items :P

  6. Chynna says:

    Pinterest is really good for looking at ideas on how to decorate your home. I love it!

    I really need a new bookshelf but there’s no space in my house :( It’s already like 5 shelves but there’s still not enough space for all my books and I’ve had to put some of them into two huge books. Too. Many. Books. Haha.

    When I get my own apartment, though, I want to make my bookshelf all pretty like. At the moment it’s there more convenience. :D

  7. Misaki @ Sky-Song.ORG says:

    I love how everything’s arranged! :) Funny, I’ve been rearranging my book case of late. Thanks for the inspiration!

    About Pinterest – I’ve been waiting on their invite for months and pretty much gave up on it. I was wondering if you could invite me? :D Thanks!

  8. I’ve always loved the idea of having multiple things on bookshelves… not just books. Decorating with photos, flowers, nick-nacks. I did this in our old house but in our new home… I don’t know what happened but we must have tripled our number of books so our bookshelf now is FULL of just books. I have a few gems & amethysts sitting there… but not much. But I love the idea of using a bookshelf as a focal point and not JUST to house books. :)

  9. Bonnie L says:

    my bookshelves are purely just for functional use but the first photo looks like it’s for both function and decor use! it’s beautiful, if only somehow I would manage a bookshelf like that… actually, if I can manage ANY furniture in my room to look as neat like that! :P

  10. nyuu says:

    Those are really inspirational! I think you did a great job on your bookshelf :D Unfortunately, I have more books than space, so I can’t make any of my bookshelves hold anything but books =(

  11. tiff says:

    I wish I was that creative to do something like that. I have books, but the only way I know how to arrange them is like how a typical library shelf haha.

  12. London Lady says:

    These bookshelves all look so pretty and pristine, I wish I could make mine look like that!

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