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June 15, 2013• 4 Comments

Every now and then I get sent beauty samples to review, and while I do end up falling in love of some of the products, most of the time they were complete misses, so I don’t even bother reviewing them -_-

This time, I was sent 3 beauty samples from thePinkPanel, and while the Nailtini nail polish leaked and was a total flop, the other 2 ended up being delightful surprises :) 

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 anti-aging primer with sunscreen (spf 50)

I’m not a fan of Western sunscreen formulas – they’re sticky, oily, and leave a whitish film. Gross much? -_- But this one was nothing like that:

the formula reminds me of the Smashbox Photofinish Primer, but slightly thicker

the formula reminds me of the Smashbox Photofinish Primer, but slightly thicker

Because of it’s somewhat thick texture, I thought it’d be difficult to apply, but true to its name, it glided over my skin like any good primer would and gave it a nice smooth finish :)

The SPF 50 is a huge win for me, and the anti-aging benefits are a plus as well. While it’s still a little heavier compared to my beloved Biore Water Jelly sunscreen, it’s definitely a product I would consider purchasing in the future!

Khroma Beauty Honey Stick Lip Gloss in Wild Honey

Disclaimer: I REALLY don’t care for the Kardashians. Really. So when I first saw this product, I was like, ugh, seriously? -_- But then I used it, and have been using it non-stop since. It’s become my go-to lip product :O

Khroma Beauty Honey Stick Lip Gloss in Wild Honey

Khroma Beauty Honey Stick Lip Gloss in Wild Honey

I love how it’s not tacky or gooey at all, and it leaves a nice wash of color + shine. The packaging is quite nice as well, and this would’ve been the perfect lip product for me if it weren’t for the atrocious scent.

When I first applied it, the stench was just so overwhelming that I thought I got a bad product! It smelled sour and rancid, and one reviewer said it smelled like cat piss, which isn’t that farfetched sadly :( Later I realized it was supposed to smell like honey. Really?? I don’t know what honey the Kardashians have been eating, but where I’m from, honey should smell nothing like cat piss. Enough said.

But if you can get over the awful scent (which I eventually did – I do have 2 cats after all :P), this is a lip product worth trying :)

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  1. Cat says:

    Ooh, that’s nice that the primer is spf 50. I don’t like most sunscreens too. They really do feel kind of gross when being applied.

    I like the color of that lip gloss! That’s funny that someone described its smell as cat piss when it’s supposed to be honey, haha. I’m amazed that they’re ok with releasing something with such a bad smell!

  2. I never used foundation primer so I can’t really say since I’m currently being a BB cream person, lol.. I want to try a lip primer though, despite people telling me to just go and buy nude lip gloss or something instead of priming my lips :P experiment is fun, nonetheless.
    And that’s a new brand for me too! Haha, never seen that here :( hm..

    Lol, I’m literally laughing on what you wrote there regarding the lip gloss and the whole Kardashian honey thing xD not even sorry about it. I like the natural looking color though but the color’s not really the kind I’d go with though.. (I like nude colors or soft pinkish one more – the paler it is, the better for me haha)

  3. Agent Q says:

    I like the sound of that anti-aging primer that you reviewed. The SPF 50 for me is a pull factor, so I’ll see if I can give it a try. Sounds promising.

  4. Love love the La Roche Posay Athelios – I recently picked up a value set with 2 of these tubes :) Surprised that Khroma line got sent to you want you ended up liking it :D

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